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Dear Parents,

Eight years ago my cousin and her husband were vacationing with their daughter, son-in-law, and their 18-month old grandson in a time-share in Florida. They had stored the baby's toys in the drawers of the entertainment center in the living room, which also housed the TV. One morning the toddler was getting toys out of the drawers. His parents and grandparents were sitting about 6 feet away from him, having a conversation and watching him. He leaned on one of the drawers and the TV came tumbling out of the unit. His father got to him in time to deflect the TV a bit, but not in time to keep it from falling on his head. They called 911 and a helicopter was sent. He spent the next week in a pediatric trauma unit. The family both in Florida and back home went through a very painful, emotional week. Nothing is more precious than a healthy child. They were afraid their perfect little boy would never be the same. We were all lucky. Today he is a normal, healthy, happy ten-year old.

It was this experience that changed my life. I began investigating child proofing products and services. I went to seminars, spoke with child proofers throughout the country, discovered the best web sites, distributors, manufacturers, joined "The International Association for Child Safety", and most important of all, found the best installer in the business. He's been a carpenter, electrician, plumber, and all around handy man for over 30 years.

He can take the most difficult challenge and find an excellent solution. Between the two of us we make a great team.

I love what I do. I love it because it is not only a great business, but more significant, I provide a very valuable service to the tri-state area. I have the privilege of meeting with people at one of the best times in their life, when they are new parents who understand the importance of raising a child, and keeping that child both mentally and physically well. Each year 8,000 children are killed and 50,000 are permanently disabled by preventable accidents in the home. I want to try to lower this number in as many homes in our area as possible. That's my mission.

Bobbi Alpert

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